What Are The Types Of Dog Walkers In Bristol

When you need to walk your dog, and you have no time in hand, you must be looking for a walker nearby. This walking will give your pet the best health benefits as they will not be affected by obesity, joint issues and they will get better digestion. So, when all of these good things can happen to your beloved pet, you would never want to miss on walking them every day.

However, you have an office, and other chores, and it’s simply impossible to get time for the dog walking. So, what to do in this situation? You can hire a p0erson to do this task for you. If you have done this thing before you will hire a professional, but if you are new to this thing, then, you have some other options available. Here, check them out.


This person can be your neighbor, your friend’s child, or the boy who goes to school with your kid. They are teenagers and can be hardly 13 for this job. They also need pocket money, and for that, you can hire them for the dog walking. The first thing you check here is the cheap fees you have to offer them. They will be ready to do this task for $5 only. Isn’t it convenient? This will be like nothing goes out of your pocket instead you will make money.

But the reason you should never hire a teenager for this job of DOG WALKING IN BRISTOL is that they are still kids, and inexperienced. Also, as per their age, they are frantic and won’t even remember to show up at your house. If you can scratch these things out, you can hire them.


Hiring a teenager is not an option then, you can surely go for a college-goer in BRISTOL, because they are older than them, and will not forget to show up at least. They can be trusted as they are studying for higher degrees. You also have to pay a bigger amount than the previous option, and for that, you can expect them to be mature and responsible. Also, when you are giving this job to a college student, they might find inspiration for their career, and become a professional dog walker.

The main thing here is that they are still students, and with no experience and forget about the license. As they have got the freedom to be in college you cannot trust them entirely. You may leave the dog in their care, and you go to the office, and the next thing you find out the teenage boy or girl is having a party in your home. So, think twice before you hire the same.


If you hire an experienced dog walker in Bristol, they will do this job perfectly. Although they won’t be from any agency, as they have taken this job as a part-time thing, you won’t find many issues with them.

However, you might not find a license from them, nor they are supervised to give emergency treatment to your pet. Also, they might ask more than you have expected.

The best thing you can do is to contact a reputed BRISTOL DOG WALKING agency, and they will give better satisfaction in dog walking. They are professionals, and you can go to work without worrying much.