Bristol Dog Walker

Dog walking firms are much sought after these days as they try to bring solutions to one of the foremost worries of the pet owners – the walking needs of the dogs.

In today’s busy life, it is not always possible for pet owners to walk the dogs personally every time and give them daily exercise so that these four-legged residents are fit and fine. Professionally managed dog walking services fill this gap efficiently and that’s why they are quite popular these days.

Are dog walking services good enough?

Most dog walking service providers are armed with public liability insurance. They also have requisite training for Canine First Aid. Some might even have professional dog training certificates. So, they not only know their jobs well, but they are also well prepared to take up the assignment.

What exactly do they do?

Dog walking services take your dogs for their daily walk and during the walk they also give them their daily quota of physical and mental stimulation. This ensures they are fit and healthy and you can rest assured knowing full well that your dogs are in the safest hands.

Usually, the dog walking lasts for an hour and a half to two hours during which the handlers take the dogs to a predetermined and safe location.

How many dogs at a time?

The professional dog walkers can take solo, duo, trio or a bigger group of dogs for their daily walks. In any case, the number of dogs does not go beyond 5 or 6 at a time. If there are more than three dogs on a particular walk, the dog walking firms would depute more than one handler so that all the dogs get personalized attention.

Typically, these walks are not passive but filled with interactive and playful games as well as physical and mental workouts. The companies also devise special walks to suit your dog’s needs more appropriately. Usually, these people are committed and take full interest in giving their customers complete satisfaction. They also offer flexible timing for the walk.

How does the service start?

Engaging a Bristol dog walker is easy. A dog walker firm can start taking care of your dog’s daily walks once you sign up one of them. This can start by calling up and asking them to come over to your place to show you their credentials and see your dog to know about it such as its personality, behavioral issues, likes, dislikes, habits and routines.

When are the walks conducted?

The walks are normally conducted in the morning or afternoon hours. Your dog returns home well-exercised, towel dried and happy. If you instruct them, the handlers also take care of their individual needs such as water, lunch or chewing material. The handlers also make sure that dogs get along well with the other dogs in the group. Clifton dog walking firms take their dogs, for example, to Leigh Woods or Badock Woods.

Discounts & packages

These service providers offer attractive discounts if you give them more than one dog or if they get more than one dog from your area. They also have loyalty programs if you hire their services for 5 days a week.

Final thoughts

Dog walking services are quite a necessity these days when pet owners do not have time to take their dogs for their walks. Professional dog handlers not only take the dogs for a refreshing walk but also give them physical and mental exercise.